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Members Only Club Forums are now live!

I am happy to announce that the club has its own Forums where you can share your views in a number of categories such as the “Main Forum”, “Club Website – Your Views” and “Used Photography Gear: for sale or wanted”. Obviously, you can initiate your own topic for discussion, help, etc, under any of these categories.

However, you will need to login to participate as the ‘CLUB FORUMS’ menu item is not visible to the general public – only to club members.

Note: If you continue to use the same device, you only need login once.

There are already a few threads running such as “Thoughts on Printing”, “Flickr” and “Should the Competition League results be published as it progresses?” You might like to express your views or to add further topics for discussion.

There are also topics involving changes in the club you can voice your opinion on, if you wish, and/or cast a vote.

So, do login and take a look. It might be handy if you want to dispose of unused photography gear, for instance!

WordPress for Dummies

The club’s website runs on WordPress, so if you’re one of the club’s website Administrators, or even Editor for that matter, it might benefit you to brush up on WordPress by reading this book. You’ll find a lot more books in a search, including ‘WordPress for Kids’ 11+ years old! So, WordPress must be quite easy to use!

Brush up your WordPress
Start quoting it now
Brush up your WordPress
And the women you will wow…

… adapted from Kiss Me Kate.

Welcome to the Club’s New Website!

The new website was inaugurated on 12 October 2022 and includes many features.

We are looking for membership participation in maintaining and enhancing the club’s web pages. To make user management easier, WordPress has grouped different capabilities together into five ​user roles:

  1. Administrator​ – Has access to all the administration features within a single site.
  2. Editor​ – Can publish and manage posts and pages, including the posts of other users. Can also upload files, manage private posts, edit comments, post categories and modify links.
  3. Author​ – Can publish and manage their own posts and upload files.
  4. Contributor ​- Can write and manage their own posts but cannot publish them.
  5. Subscriber​ – Can only manage their profile. This is the default role for all club members.

If you think you could best contribute in any one of the roles above, please contact us at In particular, we are looking for Editors, Authors and Contributors.